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The future of our state and the future of our nation rest on the shoulders of the next generation of leadership:  Our children.
We must have an educational system that teaches the time honored values that have made America exceptional. This means a return to a classical approach to education that includes unbiased American history and Civics in K-12.
We must eliminate Common Core, CRT and all manner of disinformation and socialist propaganda being force fed our children.
To stop the spectre of anti-Semitism, we must adopt age appropriate Holocaust Education in K-12.
Above all, we must secure parental rights and transparency in our educational system.
This includes cutting Federal and “special interest” funding that seeks to influence the values of our children’s textbooks and instructional content.
Finally, all curriculum must be reviewed and be accurate, unbiased, and reflect the values of Tennesseans.


Tennessee must secure the integrity and honesty of our voting system. Without secure and fair elections, there is no democracy and our republic will fall. 
Our State must require all individuals registered to vote provide a Valid ID at the ballot box. Voter rolls must be audited and updated every two years in Tennessee.
Due to the high risk of hacking and hi-jacking an election, many computer and security experts now recommend paper ballots, marked by hand and audited by hand. Election security advocates favor auditing ballots by hand in a public transparent process to secure true election results.
A return to paper ballots in Tennessee must be implemented now.


On the 2nd Amendment, Tennesseans must stand strong. Second only to the freedoms of religion and speech, this all important amendment reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
In simple terms, it enforces the need of States to protect the rights of their citizens to “bear arms” against enemies, foreign or domestic.  Tennessee must increase funding to secure a strong Tennessee State Guard, a Militia to serve as a State Defense Force for our citizens.
I will not only work to fund our State Guard, but I will also establish a statewide educational initiative to instruct the citizens and students of Tennessee on their Constitutional Rights to bear arms.


Tennessee must stand firm to protect the unborn and all lives.
I spent 4 years as a lobbyist for Tennessee Right to Life and understand and care deeply about this issue. As your representative, I will always promote public respect for the dignity of every human life whether threatened by abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, or euthanasia.
We must insure and protect all Tennesseans from the growing death industry, it is insidious and must be stopped at every turn.


Our Tennessee legislature has openly pledged its strong commitment to the State of Israel. I would move to establish Tennessee’s instruction of our citizens and students on the important relationship and friendship that our state has established with Israel. I would also look to improve our relationship with Israel in order to provide more jobs and business opportunities for Tennesseans in the hi-tech industry.
Finally, I will look to implement an initiative to take advantage of Israel’s expertise in various facets of counter-terrorism. Joint training and exercises for law enforcement officials and first responders with their Israeli counterparts will greatly strengthen our ability to protect Tennesseans.


Tennessee must actively maintain our right to independent order and control of our internal affairs. We strongly must reject and remove all programs associated with any U.N. Agenda that is erosive of American and Tennessee sovereignty. I will push to adopt an anti-UN resolution to block “any future effort to ‘deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to the UN’s Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.

Paid for by Laurie Cardoza Moore For TN63 – Kent Ussery, Treasurer