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Laurie Cardoza Moore
63d District Republican Candidate

Laurie Cardoza Moore is a conservative champion for the children and families of Tennessee. She is the conservative Republican choice for the 63d district.

Believing all politics are local, Laurie has served on the Tennessee Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission and has helped the state review instructional materials for our children. The Speaker of the House appointed Commissioner Cardoza Moore to this important post.

Her work to have honest and accurate text books in Williamson County and State Schools resulted in significant changes to state law in 2015. This remains a work in progress and Laurie’s DNA is all over this important work.

She is a strict constitutionalist and advocates for its preservation rather than its unconstitutional revisions by activist judges and liberal legislators. 

Laurie supports a strong public safety program in our city county and state. This means fully funding police, Sheriff’s, and state law enforcement along with our fire and emergency medical services. 

Laurie will also continue to push her efforts on the improvement of our public elementary, middle, and high schools to ensure our children have the best education and parents have an important voice in the educational process. 

Voters can trust Laurie Cardoza Moore. She has earned a national and international reputation as President of a non-governmental & not for profit organization.

She has worked as a Special Envoy to the United Nations with emphasis on Human Rights and Anti Semitism. 

“I am running in this primary to serve the 63d district voters and the state of Tennessee. My commitment to you is to work hard, integrity in all things, and I will listen to you. I am here to serve you. I’m not controlled by special interest groups, or big money donors. Safe schools, lower taxes, and transparency are my commitment to the voters and residents of the 63d district,” she notes

Laurie has raised five children here in Williamson County and her and her husband Stan have been happily married for 35 years. 

Laurie has been appointed, awarded and recognized by her peers for her leadership, including:

  • Appointed in 2021 to the Tennessee Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission
  • Named to “The President’s Council” of The National Religious Broadcasters, (NRB)
  • Named among the “Top 100 People Positively Impacting Israel” by the Algemeiner
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Latin University of Theology
  • Presented “The Friend of Israel Award” by The Center For Jewish Awareness
  • Presented the “Goodwill Ambassador to Israel Award” given by Israel Consul General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Paid for by Laurie Cardoza Moore For TN63 – Kent Ussery, Treasurer