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Are you a “Domestic Terrorist”?

According to the National Council of State Legislature’s website, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently announced the creation of eight grant programs totalling $1.87 billion dollars to assist state and local governments to address acts of terrorism and other disasters.

Mayorkas acknowledged the commitment to combat terrorism, both foreign and domestic.

Unfortunately, Attorney General Merrick Garland recently expanded the domestic category to include a new group of “domestic terrorists”-parents and citizens that attend school board meetings.

This is why I am asking for your vote!

We must take back sovereignty of our counties and state by executing our God-given liberty to govern over our affairs. We must draw a line in the sand and tell the Federal government, “Not on our watch!”

Your support is critical to our campaign’s success!

Contribute now to fight back, then join our campaign as we march to victory:

Together, We the people can take back our state, one district, one county at a time.

God bless you!

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